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Before You Go

Before You Go- Lessons for a better life from those facing death

Cherí has been significantly impacted through her work with hospice patients and their families. She reports, “I know it might sound cliché, but I am such a better person because of all they have taught me. I live my life differently because of this.”  She believes that everyone can benefit from what she has learned. 


For as long as Cheri can remember she has been in awe of how the spoken word from an effective orator can change one’s life.  As a young girl her friends wondered why Cherí would rather listen to a sermon on tape or talk radio rather than popular music.  She, on the other hand, couldn’t believe they weren’t interested in what the speakers had to say.  Forget about playing dress up or barbies, she soon found herself pretending she was the keynote speaker for large audiences. 

About Cherí

Cherí was born in Nebraska and grew up in Madison Wisconsin.  She is the middle of three children.  She was a preacher’s kid and still likes a good potluck dinner with the church ladies. Having a front row seat to witness her parent’s ministry, she learned a lot about how to care for others.