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... And don't forget your underwear!

May 27, 2014

I have been working out M-F at a gym near my office.  I get up at 5 a.m. drive into Madison in the dark and work with a trainer for an hour.  Then in a mad dash I shower, dress and boogie over to my office which fortunately is only 10 minutes from the gym.                 

Most evenings I lay out my work out clothes, repack my gym bag and coordinate the clothing I will change into for work the next day.  But last night I did not complete this process.  I was tired, the sofa and television sucked me in, I reasoned, “Oh, I will just do all that in the morning.”   This morning I got up at 5 am, grabbed my things and as usual rushed out the door to hit the road.  My workout was terrific, complete with kettle bells, dumbbells, stretchy bands, jump rope… well, you get the picture.  I groaned, grunted and sweat for the 55 minutes, figuring I would push myself since I don’t do a lot for exercise over the weekend.   So with perspiration dripping I hit the women’s locker room. 

Dumping out the contents of my gym bag I discovered that although I had brought an adorable skirt and blouse with matching turquoise shoes for work, I had NOT brought the needed items for underneath, like, ummm… underwear or bra.  This fiasco leads me to an emergency trip to Target that proved oh so interesting, I will spare you the details!  As a result, I was an hour late for work. Ugh.

It so reminds me of how as human beings we do much the same thing.  We pay attention to what’s going on on the outside of us and neglect some important things that should be in place underneath it all.  We are in a hurry, we are lazy, we are frightened, and we say we don’t have what it takes, we take short cuts and as a result we fail to develop our inner life.  We must have a good foundation underneath it all to sustain us throughout the troubles and trials that life can bring.

Security, self-worth, self-discipline, kindness, generosity, are just a few under the surface traits that take time and effort to put into place, yet are necessary for a solid, long-term foundation from which we can build healthy and successful lives.  But we would rather sit on the couch and watch Hell’s Kitchen on t.v…. oops, I guess that was me that would rather do that.

So I encourage you, do not forget your underwear, or in other words, do not forget the pieces of character that are foundational to a good life! 

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