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My Poem of Healthy Affection - Valentines 2015

February 12, 2015

You are not my everything, but you sure are something.

You do not complete me, I am made complete by many, many people and things, mostly God, but you fit perfect beside me.

You are not responsible for my happiness but I am very happy being married to you.

You are not my soul-mate although, so often I feel one with you.

Yes, I could survive and live without you if I had to, but I choose to live with you and I am so glad that I do.

You are not my dad, my brother, my savior, my rescuer, or my knight, you are my husband and more importantly, you are my friend.

I love how you work hard, how you prepare for each class and every student.

I love how you walk me to my car each morning and start it for me if it’s cold outside.

I love how generous you are to me and to others.

I love how you acknowledge how hard I work and the value of what I do.

I love how you love your parents, your siblings and our dog.

I love how you love our son and how kind and generous you are to him

I love how you love my salsa

I love how you do laundry and clean up the kitchen

I love how you show me affection in public

I love your humor

I love that you still get sad about not having had a little girl to be our daughter

I love that you know numbers, finances, and stuff like that.

I love how we shared our adolescence and have so many shared memoires

I love that we can often know what the other one is thinking

I love that we are content to hang out, do nothing together and be in the same room

I love that we made this guy called Derek who is such a great adult

I love that we are often moved by the same things

I love that we both believe the best thing about summer is sitting at the end of our pier.

I love the life that we share, and I love you… today and always!

Happy Valentine’s Day Mitch Milton

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