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We Say It More Often

March 24, 2013

The past few years have contained more than the usual amount of difficult moments for my family.  Think of a crisis and well... we probably faced it in the span of seven years. But one outcome of these difficulties is positive.  We say I love you more often.  Going through hardship and adversity can be exhausting, its' burdens can feel too heavy to bear.  I have lost count how many times I said, enough already!  I have also lost count how many times I have said, I love you.

 When crisis hits we have been reminded of how fragile our lives can be.  So we are much better about taking each opportunity to say those important things to each other while we can.

 Dr. Ira Byok, who works with many dying patients; has much to say about about this in his book, 4 Things That Matter Most.  He reminds us of the power in saying, 

 I love you,

 Thank you,

 Forgive me,

 I  forgive you. 

 Which of these four statements is the easiest for you to say, which is the hardest? 

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