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Writing versus Speaking... ugh 4/7/2013

April 7, 2013

Ok, so I have worked hard to finish my first book. I am relieved, happy, it does feel like a big accomplishment.  Interestingly enough, it has not been a deeply held goal to be a writer.  Some people are born with the beautiful gift of expressing themselves on the written page, my friends Sue Govier and Kristin Keir, they are natural born writers.   Their thoughts pour out, descriptive, lovely and deep in rich words.

Me... Well I would much rather tell you my thoughts, I am a talker, a speaker, a story teller.   But writing has taught me a lot.  My biggest obstacle to good writing was rushing.  I am so used to telling my message with the benefit of spoken words and adding voice tone, inflection, volume, facial expression and hand gestures, all the body language.... these are the tools of my verbal strength.   Writing forced me to slow down, to put the ideas and feelings of my message on paper in a way that readers could see, hear, and feel the story without me being in the room.   Whew, it was hard. 

Regularly  I had to buckle down, write, talk it through with my editor, give her more clues to what I was trying to say, start over, try again.   Many weekends dragging myself to the computer keyboard to write when I really just wanted to hit the mall and go shopping.

But it has been worth it,  I doubt Oprah will ever feature me on her book club, but...... I cry as I read through my book, the lives represented there still move me,  I am still swallowed up in their stories and determined to live my life in a better way.   I am grateful for capturing their powerful effect on me in the words on the printed page.  


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