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Facing Relationships

Thoughtful Conversations

February 11, 2014

I connect with others through words.  Deborah Tannen communication researcher and expert says while men tend to connect with others by doing things together, women tend to connect with others by having a conversation.  I am a total connector through words; but also a dis-connector.  The conversation with another human is the most powerful filter I use to decide if I want more of that person or less.

Blog Schmog

January 3, 2014

Hi everyone, happy new year!  Here is what's on my mind today.

Blog Schmog! Oh I thought that writing a blog would be so easy.  I always have something to say right? Doing a blog would give me an outlet for my deepest most profound thoughts, and everyone would find them fascinating and insightful, life-changing… Not! 

July 9, 2013 Naked

July 9, 2013

I am 4 weeks into working out with a group of five others and a personal trainer at a local gym.  All of us in the group are roughly middle age, all out of shape and somewhat overweight (Okay, a lot over weight if you believe the height and weight charts).