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Looking for a passionate Speaker to Encourage, Inspire and Empower your group? Look no further!

Finding an uplifting, transformational speaker to inspire your audience and lead them to lasting change can be easier said than done. You're looking for someone who can connect, engage and deliver practical content on the things that matter. When people invest time and money to attend your event, you want that investment to be worthwhile. And you want to book a speaker who cares, inspires, and transforms. I want to be that speaker for you and your group.

A Passionate Speaker Addressing the Topics That Are Important To Your Audience. Chéri shares her passion for speaking and how she aims to build an authentic connection with your audience, long before she even begins speaking.

Speaking straight from the heart on
living as a Christ Follower,
mental health and grief

The pressure's real when it's on you to book a captivating speaker for your event. Chéri Milton knows what that's like. She’s been there too. Responsible for the bookings, just like you. As a pastor, Chéri served in the ministry for 23 years. With a degree in counseling, Chéri is now a mental health therapist. She is passionate about helping people navigate mental health challenges and grief, often with the guidance of God.

An experienced international public speaker, Chéri combines her learnings from the Bible with evidence-based mental health research to guide her speaking. She believes no one should be alone in their challenges. Speaking with empathy and humor, straight from the heart, she helps others find the courage to move forward, with comfort and strength knowing God is by their side.

Cheri is passionate about speaking on a wide range of issues around the topics of:

  • The Christian Woman
  • Mental Health
  • Grief

When you hire Chéri, you can expect:


Chéri is a natural people person, warm and easy-going, so she is always happy to connect with your group beforehand and answer any questions after.


Chéri works with you – she’ll tailor her talk to your topic so you know what to expect and will have confidence you’ll get the outcome you are hoping for.


Rest assured, there’ll be no unreasonable demands. Chéri always communicates her plans clearly with you and will time her talk to align with your schedule.


Real help for real problems, Cheri brings her clinical knowledge and biblical perspective to provide practical help and wisdom.

Why people book Chéri to come back a second time


Get the speaker your people will rave about for months and years to come.

  • 1 BOOK -Book a call direct with Chéri – talk through what you’re looking for and see if Chéri is a good fit for your event
  • 2 PLAN - Chéri will work with you to tailor her talk to the issues or topics you want to cover. (If you’re looking for inspiration, Chéri can guide you on this too.) You’ll agree on times, location and any details for your time together.
  • 3 DELIGHT- Watch your event run smoothly, and your audience leave feeling positive, inspired and energized – eager to come back for more.

Strength and Comfort to empower people

Your audience deserves more than just another tired presentation. Book a call with Chéri Milton today and feel proud knowing you’ve helped uplift hearts and minds by booking a speaker who empowers people with the courage to move towards a more positive place in their life.